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Choose CHOKMAN for bespoke custom men's tailored suits Sydney gentlemen prefer to wear. Discover your distinctive style with a made to measure suit tailor in Sydney's CBD.

Welcome to CHOKMAN's Bespoke Tailoring - Sydney's leader in made-to-measure suits for both Men and Women. Visit our Sydney CBD Custom Tailoring Suit Shop or give us a call on 02 8668 5447


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There’s no better outfit that exemplifies the proverb clothes make the man, than a custom tailored suit -- a garment that, when properly cut and styled, gives a man confidence, and gives others confidence in the man. It can make you look taller, hide a few extra pounds and make you look smarter.

However as with any article of clothing, the trick is nailing the fit. At Chokman, our tailors, who have over 20 years of suit tailoring experience, meticulously record more than 25 body measurements per customer. It’s no small feat that the name Chokman has become synonymous with the phrase tailored suits Sydney.


    Tailored Bespoke Suits for the Quintessential Sydney Man

    When it comes to buying made to measure suits the three terms to keep in mind are perfect fit, suiting function and garment fabric. At CHOKMAN, we take painstaking effort to ensure every bespoke suit that leaves our shop fits perfectly, feels right and serves the right purpose.

    At CHOKMAN we endeavour to be the suit tailor Sydney professionals want. Offering a bespoke tailor to business men and women in Sydney's CBD. Specialising in custom menswear to make your clothing feel right. Our made-to-measure suits and shirts are made from the finest quality fabrics and are made to suit any occasion.