Tailored Shirts Sydney CBD

Trust the experience of Chokman for perfect custom fit tailored shirts Sydney trusts everytime! The only place you should go for bespoke shirts in Sydney's CBD!
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bespoke shirt

100% European 2-ply Cotton           $140


Monogram                                     $20

Banker Collar/Cuff                        $20

Collar/Cuff lining                          $20

Collar/Cuff pick stitching              $20

Design your bespoke shirt collection from:

1500 euro fabrics

20 collar styling

30 button style/colour

10 font/back design

6  cuff styling

All at no extra cost.


Bespoke Tailored Shirts | Sydney CBD

For the finest tailored shirts Sydney has to offer, look no further than Chokman in Sydney's CBD. We can’t stress this enough: whether you're buying bespoke or ready-to-wear, nailing the fit of a tailored shirt is the most important factor. Many will agree that the fit is the make or break, and, there's nothing worse than seeing a man in a shirt that doesn't fit.

Complement your custom-made suit with the best tailored shirt in Sydney. When you go to the effort of getting a suit custom-made, you spend hours in fittings to get the look and feel just right. You invest all that time because you want to look your best, so it only makes sense that you complete the outfit with a tailored shirt.

We give advice about the importance of the collar spread. We suggest a narrow collar spread for oval faces and a wide collar for round faces. Measurements are carefully taken to define neck size, the slope of the shoulder, and posture. A pattern is created to ensure a flat, wrinkle-free front and just the right amount of collar and cuff showing under the jacket.

In addition, we offer fabrics in all conceivable colours and patterns from our vast fabric inventory. From the finest imported cottons to broadcloths and silks, we make sure you have plenty to choose from to have a dress shirt truly worthy of your bespoke suit.

Our experienced tailors will work with you not only to get the perfect fit but also the perfect fabric. Once complete, your tailored dress shirt will complement your bespoke suit like no other ready-made shirt can.

At Chokman, our goal is to provide bespoke tailored shirts in Sydney that make you look your best. Call us now for tailored shirts Sydney will love!